The Fairy That Sailed The Atlantic Ocean

“This fairy has been to sea! She came with me in a rowing boat on a journey across the Atlantic Ocean. The sun scorched her and the wind whipped her about but the elements only made her more beautiful to me. She went up on the mast on Christmas Day and then stayed there to keep a look out over my team mates and me. All girls together on a little boat in seas 7 miles deep. It was the most memorable Christmas I’ve ever had.

Only hours before we’d wanted to cancel the day. We were tired, in pain, frustrated and frightened. Our dreams to be the first women’s four to cross the Atlantic were almost over and it just felt wrong to celebrate when we were feeling so sorry for ourselves. But celebrate we did; we decorated the boat, opened presents, sang carols. Peace from rowing. The best Christmas EVER. This fairy is the only thing left of that day, other than memories. ”

Sally Kettle
Inspirational & Motivational Speaker,
Model & Author of Sally’s Odd at Sea

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