The Cobra’s And The Mongoose

I have collected taxidermy for years, and have built up quite a collection; this piece being one of my favourites. I had brought in a piece of taxidermy for repair in an antiques shop when I came across this one. What I love about this triplet, is the heart-shape formed by the curving cobras’ bodies; this really accentuates the drama of the scene. It was highly fashionable in the Victorian Era to re-create dramatic scenes from the wild using rare and unusual animals in their taxidermy. Nowadays taxidermy is created using only animals that have died from natural causes. My collection of taxidermy forms much of the paraphernalia in our Stephen Webster shops, and at home.

Stephen Webster, jewellery designer, London, UK

One thought on “The Cobra’s And The Mongoose

  1. Why: “The cobra’s and the mongoose”?

    Surely you mean “the cobras and the mongoose”?

    No apostrophe is needed to make a plural.

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